Minnocks on Money: remittances in an envelope

Welcome to Minnocks on Money, in which I talk to my older family members about how they’ve managed money throughout their life, in a world where FinTech didn’t exist (or did it?). Nowadays the global remittance market is valued at over $700bn. Remittances are when money is earned or obtained in a foreign country andContinue reading “Minnocks on Money: remittances in an envelope”

Dodgy career advice – and my alternative tips

I love a good old bit of advice – doling it out, totally unsolicited, and on occasion taking it. If I could change one thing about the world, it would be to make everyone that little bit more confident and help people see their potential in life. That’s why I love that there’s so muchContinue reading “Dodgy career advice – and my alternative tips”

I’m 24, stop notifying me every time I buy an iced coffee

Every time I make a purchase, half a dozen apps clamour to tell me what I just bought and how much I spent on it. I am not sure where they think I was throughout the transaction. “You just spent £5 in Pret!” notifies my challenger bank. My money management app will inevitably ping –Continue reading “I’m 24, stop notifying me every time I buy an iced coffee”

How I… measure productivity in 2021

The “right to be busy”… One particularly horrible week in a particularly horrible job, I was told by a colleague: “You need to do more. You should be making sacrifices for your team; not the other way around”.  In the same week, another colleague made a complaint that my long working hours, which bled intoContinue reading “How I… measure productivity in 2021”